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Prevent blocked condensate drains – 100% reduction in refrigerator repair call-outs

When microbes block your condensate line, you could be in for endless contractor callouts, soaring energy bills… and potential superbugs multiplying just centimetres from customers’ food.


Letting microbes multiply in refrigeration condensate trays is not only bad for profitability; it also poses a number of significant health and safety risks.


Generally, shorted fan motors and wet floors around commercial fridges is a sign that the condensate drain has been blocked – usually by microbial growth which is a thick jelly like substance (add image) that is literally oozing with germs and bacteria.


The slime or jelly-like buildup in the refrigeration condensate tray is an exopolysaccharide excreted by bacteria, and it harbours a whole ecosystem of microbes. Conventional deep-cleaning by pressure-washing will not remove the biofilm – or the germs.


If a refrigerator becomes clogged with bacterial exopolysaccharide slime, there are three cleaning challenges : the biofilm itself, the microbes that live in it, and the speed with which they grow back. Any approach that doesn’t tackle each aspect separately could be underestimating the issue.

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