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An Environmental Health Officer (EHO) visited a large retail site and noticed two large areas of wet flooring adjacent to some chiller cabinets. This type of leak is common and often results from condensate drain leaks. An attempt to mark the extent of the areas and exclude people had been made using yellow cones, wire hand baskets and produce trays. These measures were unsuccessful as people were walking through the water. The EHO decided that a formal approach was necessary and investigated further.

The EHO established that the chiller cabinet condensate drain had been leaking onto the floor all morning and into the afternoon.

Condensate Drain Leaks Direct & Indirect Costs

The company pleaded guilty to a breach of Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, Reg 12 and the court imposed fines and awarded costs. Blocked condensate drains are a daily occurrence in commercial refrigeration.

If that’s not bad enough there are industries built around the blame and claim culture, they are all over glossy magazines and day time TV. They are vultures that THRIVE on any excuse to make money and as supermarkets are big business, then you are a target (and so is your bottom line.)

Condensate Drain Leaks

A leak is a trip and fall hazard and the costs can be very daunting and that’s without the knock on negative effect of the potential bad press it also generates.

A Real Solution To Blocked Condensate Drain Leaks

With our innovative, government supported research we have taken this long and painful issue with condensate blockages and invested time working with the Surrey University Innovation team and resolved it. We know, like you, that prevention is better than cure.

Using our specialist and unique yet simple 3-step process we can take away the pain and the costs caused by this all too common issue.

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Want to know what causes condensate drain blockage? – take a look at our video below:

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*Article taken from it’s original posting in http://www.hse.gov.uk/slips/downloads/gettingtogrips.pdf