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Microbe build-up in retail chiller cabinets – stop the risk to public health today simply and cheaply.

Letting microbes multiply in refrigeration condensate trays is not only bad for profitability; it also poses a number of significant health and safety risks.

Wet floor slips

The condensate tray is well-hidden under your merchandise – so when exopolysaccharide from microbes and block a condensate drain, the first the store manager will know is often the puddle on the refrigerator aisle floor.

This is a potential health and safety mightmare, putting customers at real risk of injury through slips and falls and your business at risk of insurance claims.

The Health & Safety Executive makes it clear that systems need to be maintained in such a way as to prevent this kind of leak happening. The safe Range can now deliver those results!


Potential contamination

Samples taken from a variety of chiller cabinet trays were independently tested by the University of Surrey. They found even a single millilitre of the gunky, jelly like fluid (image: ) could contain almost eleven million microbes!!!

They found organisms that cause pneumonia, fever and bloody diarrhoea, as well as biocide-resistant bugs like Staphylococcus. All growing just centimetres away from the food, and potentially circulated into the cabinet and surrounding air by the system’s fans.

All these samples had come from cabinets with an annual deep clean regime – showing that pressure washing with water is not a safe way to prevent infestation.

Food temperature

A larger cabinet can continue with one or two of its’ fan motors shorted out, and appear to be working normally. But temperature analysis tells a different story.

The safe range tackles all of these issues – we go beyond a deep clean with a clean followed by an anti fungal treatment, it doesn’t just look clean, it IS clean at a micro-bacterial level. You have a fully cleaned condensate tray, condensate pipe and remove that risk of repeated condensate drain blockages.
Supermarket refrigeration fans have to work hard enough, keeping them all working saves time and money directly and indirectly.

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