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Erase the cost of refrigerator condensate blockages!

Shutting down a chiller cabinet because condensate is overflowing onto the shop floor – or calling out a contractor to fix another blown motor – is not only inconvenient. When you add up the figures, it’s startlingly expensive.

We can stop that right now!

Condensate Blockage SlimeGenerally, shorted fan motors and wet floors around commercial fridges is a sign that the condensate drain has been blocked – usually by microbial growth which is a thick jelly like substance that is literally oozing with germs and bacteria.

Historically there has been no option other than to jet wash and clean the gunk away but that is not solving the problem! The Safe Range is an easy and cost effective system to clean, kill and protect commercial and industrial refrigeration systems.

It is the most effective solution available and protects your supermarket and grocery fridges, freezers, chillers and display cabinets for up to 12 months.

Some of the potential benefits and savings that you can expect with a regular 3-step cleaning programme from Safe Range:

  • General hygiene and appearance of commercial refrigeration equipment
  • Safe removal of biofilms and micro-organisms from condensate pipes and trays
  • Reduces refrigeration system Down-Time
  • Reduces the risk of water leaks
  • Keeps Condensate Drains Clear from microbial growth
  • Reductions in insurance claims – Slips & Trips
  • Saving in Commercial Insurance Premiums
  • Reduction in HVAC Contractor Service Call Outs – Vacuum out drains
  • Maximise on Store Revenues – Product Sales
  • Rerigeration System Efficiency – Energy consumption
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

Take a look at some of the costs associated with doing things the old way:

The hidden costs of commercial refrigerator faults

Call-outs and repairs

A new £6 fan motor might not seem like a big deal, but an average-sized supermarket spends around £2000 on them, every year – and that’s before thinking about the additional cost of the HVAC engineers’ time.

Even where an HVAC contractor is retained on a fixed-cost basis, the anticipated costs of these parts and call-outs will have been factored into price calculations: sooner or later, the retailer bears the cost.

The problem itself is caused by rising condensate levels shorting out the fan – clear and prevent drain blockages, and the problem goes away overnight.

One mixed-produce store in West London went from daily leak-related call outs to ZERO – how much would that save you?

Cleanup and downtime

Every single hour a three-metre chiller cabinet is out of use costs you around £50 in potential income.
And before a HVAC engineer can even reach the condensate tray you’ll need to dedicate staff time to demerchandising the cabinet – and find another home for the stock.

There are also cleanup costs for the leak: both staff time, and equipment like water absorption socks. And you need to re-stock the cabinet again afterwards, while being careful to avoid food spoilage.

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