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Prevent blocked condensate drains – 100% reduction in refrigerator repair call-outs

When microbes block your condensate line, you could be in for endless contractor callouts, soaring energy bills… and potential superbugs multiplying just centimetres from customers’ food.

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Did you know the normal way of dealing with commercial refrigeration condensation blockages – the standard deep clean pressure washing –  doesn’t work? The bugs will be back in a matter of days but by partnering with the University of Sussex, Advanced Engineering have stopped that cycle for good with our unique Safe Range solution.

Deep Clean Of Industrial Refrigerator (HVAC Maintenance)

It’s time to take a look at stopping the spiralling costs of commercial refrigeration callouts and repair – here’s how

Thankfully, three leading supermarkets have already found that reducing their costs – and their risks – is as easy as 1-2-3. 

Let the innovative Safe Range take care of your commercial refrigeration needs and minimise or even remove the need for HVAC maintenance for your chillers, freezers and refrigerators across any size supermarket or grocery store today.

The real costs of repairing rather than resolving this on-going cost is:

Other benefits and cost savings include: 

General hygiene and appearance of equipment

Keeps Drains Clear from microbial growth

Safe removal of biofilms and micro-organisms

Reduces system Down-Time

– Loss of sales revenue

– Spoiled Goods

– De-merchandised shelves

Reduces water leaks

Reductions in insurance claims – Slips & Trips

– 40% of injuries at Grocers are due to Slips&Trips.

– HS&E websites shows an example of a minor injury claim costing £7000. (not major Injuries)

– Saving in Insurance Premiums

Reduction in Contractor Service Call Outs

Maximise on Store Revenues – Product Sales

System Efficiency – Energy consumption

– 5/6 fan motors installed. If one fails, the other five will work harder for longer, resulting in an increase of energy consumption. Operating pressures/temperatures have to remain constant.

Important facts for your information

The story of how the safe range came to be – we know blocked condensate drains; trays and pipes are just the tip of the iceberg

They say prevention is better than cure. For a relatively modest cost of £18 per cabinet, the Safe Range 3-step will stop the micro-organism growth and jelly build up for 12 months, keeping the condensate drains free and working.

We understand that when you multiply that figure by the amount of cabinets you have in your estate, it could look like quite a significant number. But you have to look at all of the costs and problems it will eliminate.

The typical refrigeration cabinet will have a minimum of 3 condensate drain blockages a year. Each time you get a blockage, there will be water on the floor which poses a health and safety risk with regards to trips and slips.

Depending on the volume of condensate being produced and how much is ending up on the floor, the cabinet may have to be turned off which results in the loss of potential sales revenue for the retailer.

The supermarkets own staff will have to demerchandise the cabinet, so that the refrigeration engineer can get to the problem. Depending on the type of maintenance contract the supermarket has with the refrigeration service company, there is likely to be a call out fee and hourly charge for the refrigeration engineer to come and unblock the condensate drain.

It is also likely that the rising water level will have shorted out some fan motors, which will also need replacing – again at the retailers cost. Once the engineer has finished this process, the Supermarket’s staff will have to spend time remerchandising the cabinet.

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